Huckleberries Nurture Farm

—Schools Nurture Programme—

Our Schools Nurture Programme provides all day group sessions once a week for up to six children from the same school for six weeks.  Sessions are offered free of charge to schools, although we warmly welcome a donation to feed the animals or replenish resources.  Children are selected by their school and accompanied by a member of school staff, who bridges the childs learning helping to transfer their learning back into school, to help sustain the impact of their time with us. 

Children are usually referred because their emotional well-being is in decline, which may exhibit as shyness, anxiety, low emotional resilience, self-esteem or self-worth, worries, volatility, and those at risk of emotional based school non-attendance.  We often work with children with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia or dyscalculia, or neurodiversity, who find the school environment challenging; children who are young carers; looked after or previously looked after children; and children experiencing specific challenges such as bereavement, bullying, or difficult family circumstances.  Children are welcome from years 1 to 7.  We provide a calm and reflective setting for children who can follow instruction from an adult, interact positively with each other, and participate in sessions led by our practitioners.

The children learn how to care for the animals and each other, to observe and immerse themselves in nature, and explore the benefits of well-being techniques such as yoga, Qi-Gong, art and growing, to deepen their connection with themselves and others.  Mindfulness is interwoven into their learning to encourage children to be in the present moment, to notice and allow what is going on in their minds and bodies, so that they may use the tools they learn when they feel overwhelmed by day to day events.

Please contact us for more information if you wish to become a partner school.  

“Thank you for yesterday, the children had an amazing time and got so much out of it. We really do see a difference in the children”

– Headteacher

“Just wanted to let you know that all the children are loving Huckleberries… many are already flourishing in the environment you provide”


“You have made a great difference to their little lives”

– Parent

“A gentle and fun way to build up his confidence and to let him just be him”

– Parent