Huckleberries Nurture Farm

A place to be me

A therapeutic combination of animals, nature immersion and well-being practices to enhance children’s emotional well-being.

“A place to be me”

The Nurture Farm

Huckleberries Nurture Farm offers children struggling with their emotional well-being, and those going through tough times, a place to belong, connect, grow, and recover. As the first Nurture Farm in the UK, we’ve taken the nurture group model into the outdoors, intertwining the principles of green social care, cultural wisdom from Indigenous Peoples on raising children, and mindfulness practices.

We offer the magical combination of nature-based child-led learning, connecting with animals, nature and each other in our beautiful, rural, outdoor setting, to rekindle the capacity that every child is born with – to be curious about their world, take risks, see failing as learning, and be resilient, so they can learn to love who they are and be their authentic self. 

We do this by cultivating a sense of belonging, so that children feel safe and secure, and therefore are able to master new skills, develop a sense of autonomy and responsibility, which enables them to develop their self-control and self-confidence, so they can reap the benefits of giving back to others, cultivating a sense of compassion, empathy and gratitude. 

We help children to develop skills to be more mindful, to understand and develop their character strengths, adjust how they think about and respond to life’s challenges, and so enhance their emotional well-being and resilience. Most importantly, at Huckleberries we use the curative potential of animal and human interactions, so the children realise they are held in the hearts and minds of each other, which has a powerful influence on their journey.

Schools Programme

We currently work with 24 schools providing free small group sessions for children struggling with their emotional well-being.  Children from the same school attend once a week for six weeks, with a member of school staff. We offer children ‘a place to be me’, where they learn how to grow their resilience, to help them adjust the way they think about and respond to life’s challenges.

Nurture Groups

Our Nurture Groups offer longer-term placements for children who are failing to thrive in school due to social, emotional, or mental health needs.  Children attend one day each week for 1 or 2 school terms. 

Most placements are fully funded for children in need, who have no additional funding attached to them.  We also accept referrals from the local authority or schools for children in receipt of an EHCP or EOTAS package, but we expect these to be funded by the LA/child’s school.

Please read our Admissions Policy or contact us for more information.

Community Interest Company

Huckleberries is a Community Interest Company established in 2019 to address the growing problem of emotional and mental well-being struggles in primary school aged children.  We seek to halt the progressive decline in the mental health of young people, working with individuals from age 5 to 12 years.

Huckleberries is a trauma informed organisation.

A Place to Be Me

Huckleberries provides a safe place where children feel a strong sense of belonging – a ‘place to be me’ where they can be their authentic selves.  From this place good things can happen… they can master new skills, gain self-control, self-confidence, and cultivate their autonomy, gratitude, kindness and compassion. 

The powerful capacity of positive human interaction aids their recovery and growth.

Time to Notice

We spend much of our time in the present moment, encouraging children to notice what is happening right now in their bodies, minds, and the natural world.  Through guided mindfulness and yoga sessions, we help them to attune their senses, cultivate their natural curiosity, without judgement.

Outdoor Setting

Come rain or shine, all year round, we are outdoors in nature.  We chat, drink, cook, eat, whittle, enjoy nature art and bushcrafts by the campfire, or under the shade of the oak trees, meadows, or riverbank in the summer. We take our hammocks and blankets off to the woods for yoga or lunch and connect with the ever-changing seasons and weather on farm walks each day.

Caring for the Animals

The children take responsibility for grooming, feeding, cleaning out the animals, ensuring their needs are met.

Each Spring we typically have goat kids, bottle-fed lambs, and chicks, alongside our established herd of Pygmy goats, and Roo our affectionate Golden Guernsey. The children also look after our chickens, ducks, guinea pigs, and Jet our loving Border Collie, who adores everyone! 

"I’ve seen her light turn back on"

– Parent

"Its been so fun coming here. I learnt lots of things like how to make a fire and nettle fritters, and enjoyed being outdoors. I've built more of a friendship with everyone and enjoy playing with them back at school too.

– Schools Programme – Year 5 child

"I learnt that I should be proud of being me"

– Year 5 child

"This wonderful little place has truly given the children a chance to be themselves. It has opened-up opportunities for them and given them a new perspective on life and who they are. Thank you!”


"I enjoyed animal care with the goats. We sweep the poo, get them food and brush them. My favourite goat is Angus, he's 7 months old, eats alot and chills, and that makes me feel relaxed and calm.

– Schools Programme – Year 5 child

“At a time where there has been so much stress, this oasis of calm has been such therapy”

– Parent

"you have created the most wonderful space for little people. It was so special watching our little angry/quiet ones become so happy/chatty"

– Teacher

"I love the goats and the hammocks. Its really relaxing and you get to listen to all the different noises in the countryside. Huckleberries is calm and hidden in the middle of the forest. The teachers are really kind and teach you different skills.

– Schools Programme – Year 5 child

Huckleberries Gallery

Take a look at what we get up to…

Huckleberries Gallery

Take a look at what we get up to…


Our Schools Programme is funded by the National Lottery and provides places for groups of 6 children to attend over a 6 week period at no cost to the school (subject to availability). Huckleberries can also provide places for individual children that are funded by the childs school, local authority or privately.



Huckleberries sessions are NOT located at our registered office. The farm is approximately 2 miles away and a Google maps pindrop will be shared if you have an appointment to visit.

Registered office :  3 Burford Lodge, Elstead, Surrey, GU8 6HU


[email protected]


07979 856 851