Huckleberries Nurture Farm

—Duke of Edinburgh Award—

Huckleberries Nurture Farm is an enthusiastic supporter of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. We provide opportunities for a small number of individuals wishing to evidence the volunteering section of the award and can accommodate all levels – Bronze to Gold.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award requires different lengths of volunteering at each level:

  • Bronze = 3 months
  • Silver = 6 months
  • Gold = 12 months

Note that you will need to complete an additional 6 months of volunteering (or physical/skill section) at Silver and Gold if you haven’t completed the preceding award level. See DofE timescales for further information.


The volunteering sessions are held every Saturday from 10:00 to 12:00 and whilst we understand individuals may not be able to make every week, demand for places is high and we expect a level of commitment from participants who accept a place (not least because the award requires this to be evidenced)

Do I need any prior experience?

No experience is needed. We will show you everything and give you tips and advice on how to complete tasks. We take safety very seriously and will show you how to undertake tasks safely, ensuring you only undertake tasks within your capability. We tailor the activities depending on the level of the award and level of competency of the individual, with a focus on building life skills throughout.

 What will I be doing?

Volunteering at Huckleberries Nurture Farm is not a ‘light’ option! Everything we do needs to be done and there is purpose behind every task regardless of the weather.

Typical activities in rough order of DofE Award level include

  • Mucking out goat stable and re-bedding
  • Mucking out rabbit/hen house and stable and re-bedding
  • Grooming the animals
  • General help and assistance
  • Cleaning feed troughs and bowls and feeding the animals
  • Sweeping and tidying the animal run
  • Turning the compost
  • Bracken clearing
  • Replenishing the hay feeder
  • Moving feed and hay
  • Fire lighting
  • Wood splitting
  • Building/making new structures (chairs, planters etc.)
  • Animal care (hoof trimming, attending to medical needs of animals)
  • Erecting fencing

Is it all just hard work?

Life on a farm IS hard work but you will also be rewarded with the opportunity to be with our adorable and friendly animals, explore the woods and fields, enjoy fantastic sunny and crisp days out in the open as well as enjoying the sense of achievement you get from making Huckleberries a ‘place to be me’.