Meet our animals


Jet our 3-year-old border collie is a gentle giant with the animals and looks after them all, keeping them where they ought to be and making sure they’re clean. Crazy but gorgeous he loves children, the ducks and his ball.

Mel & Choco

Choco and Mel are our female goats. They are and half-sisters and had their first kids in Spring 2019. Choco is very friendly and loves cuddles, Mel is curious and active especially enjoying jumping on and off the picnic table. – Their favourite foods are apples and hazel leaves which they will nibble from your hand. They also love being groomed.


Orco is our visiting billy goat who is gorgeous, if not a little whiffy. He’s very gentle with his girls and will be back with us in Autumn!



Misty and Muddles are our 10-year-old cats. They are sisters but very different personalities. Misty will do anything for affection, whereas Muddles is more aloof and the hunter of the two, often bringing presents home for her sister or family. They are incredible tolerant of all the other animals especially Jet, who just yearns to play with them or sniff their bottoms! – I think they know it would be very wrong to eat any of their friends – Friends not food!

Fudge & Tommy

Tommy and Fudge are our dwarf lop eared rabbits, born within a few days of each other in July 2018. Tommy our white and black boy is very affectionate and likes to lie on your lap, whilst Fudge our tan and white female is much more active. They have had several litters of kittens, but now Tommy has been castrated to give them both a well earned rest. All our Huckleberries rabbits are their offspring.


Our ducks are Khaki Campbells and Indian Runner/Campbell crosses. They make great pets and are hugely entertaining, and if you can catch one they will enjoy being stroked. The girls are easy to spot as they have a louder quack than the boys.


Our lovey docile hens are Black Star (Pepper), White Sussex (Salty), Bluebells (Bluebell and Dusty) and our Speckledy Zebbie. They will squat down to let you pick them up and enjoy being stroked.

bella and jack.jpg

Our lambs Bella and Jack were both triplets and so we adopted them at 4 days old and bottle fed them. They are adorable, curious and incredibly friendly, but are also rather clever escape artists. Now that they are older they spend much of their time at a friends stables to give them as larger area to graze.