A place to be me

Welcome to huckleberries… a place to be me

At huckleberries nurture farm we work with children and young people to enhance their emotional well-being, self awareness and resilience by interweaving therapeutic contact with animals and well-being practices. We work with small groups of children and young people who are struggling with social, emotional or mental-health issues, to help them develop skills to adjust the way they think about and react to day-to-day challenges and become comfortable with who they are. Through our work we aim to halt the progressive decline in the mental health of young people, by empowering children to develop their resilience to resolve their own problems at an early age and so ease the transition into their teenage and adult years. At huckleberries we have pygmy goats, lambs, chickens, ducks, rabbits, cats, border collie and other occasionally adopted animals. Most importantly we offer ‘a place to be me’ where children feel safe to be themselves.

Schools Programme

Our Schools Programme spans 12 weekly two-hour sessions and works with groups of 6-8 children. Children are referred by their SENCo or ELSA, who we work closely with to determine their specific programme. Each child has their own targets which we incorporate into our sessions.
We provide a relaxed, safe environment where each child can be themselves without the pressures of everyday life. Our sessions include yoga, mindfulness, art, journaling, doodling and music as well as learning to look after and spending time with the animals.
Fully funded sessions are available each term for schools unable to fund places. Please contact us for details.

One to One Nurture Sessions

Our one to one sessions are for children and young people who may benefit from individual care. These sessions are animal focussed blended with our well-being techniques to help them learn to calm themselves, manage challenging situations, explore ways to release anxiety and other negative feelings through expressive art, music and relaxation. As with our group sessions we aim to equip each child or young person with their own toolbox of techniques to enhance their emotional well-being, self-awareness and resilience to ease their journey through life. Sessions usually last for one hour and can be booked in blocks of 4. Presently we are unable to offer fully funded one-to-one sessions. Please contact us for prices.

Open Days

We offer a small number of well-being and farm open days throughout the year for individuals, schools, parents and children to find out more about what we do. We run parent and child well-being sessions in art and yoga, a ‘welcome to the world animal day’ in spring when our kids and lambs are born and our ducklings start to hatch, and in 2020 plan to offer farm visits to schools.

Community Interest Company

huckleberries is a Community Interest Company (not for profit social enterprise) set up to address the growing problem of social, emotional, and mental well-being issues in school aged children. huckleberries offers a safe ‘place to be me’ where children learn to love who they are and to embrace their lives. We seek grant funding to be able to offer fully funded places for our schools programme throughout the year. Please get in touch if you would like to support our work, would like to register your interest in our schools programme or are interested in attending our one to one sessions.


“I learnt that I should be proud of being me” “It helped me get through the week” “The bunnies calmed me down” “I learnt love and confidence” “Yoga helped me sleep an extra 3 or 4 hours” “I learnt to stay calm, concentrate and making friends”

“This wonderful little place has truly given the children a chance to be themselves. It has opened-up opportunities for them and given them a new perspective on life and who they are. Thank you!”


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